AdvocateHub Basics

AdvocateHub LEVEL 1 | taught by Influitive EDGE

Course description

AdvocateHub Basics is a hands-on course that will show you the very basics of AdvocateHub administration. The course includes exercises, examples and best practices that will help you get started in your own hub. You will complete simple quizzes to reinforce what you have learned. This course is intended for new AdvocateHub administrators who need to understand basic AdvocateHub management. It presents the information in an understandable format and will prepare you for additional courses in AdvocateHub administration.

The course introduces
  • The AdvocateHub platform
  • Advocate management
  • Challenge creation
  • Reward creation
Who should take this course?
You are a new AdvocateHub administrator. You are either getting your brand new hub configured and ready for launch, or you've started a new role that requires you to perform administrator tasks in a hub that has active members. In either scenario, you require a basic understanding of how to get started with your AdvocateHub.
What are the requirements?
You will need administrator access to your own AdvocateHub. If you have not received a login for your hub, contact your AdvocateHub administrator if you have one, or email Influitive Support for assistance.
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Know how to navigate in both the Advocate and Admin views of your hub
  • Add a group to organize advocates in your hub
  • Add a new advocate to your hub
  • Create a challenge
  • Target and publish your challenge to the right audience
  • Target a reward to specific advocates
  • Testing the experience

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by Ainhoa Marcos